Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Challenges in daily life.

 Each of us has challenges in life some bigger than others , some tiny and really insignificant but when can't deny what they are challenges. 
Each day these challenges change, some days my biggest challenge is to get out of that heavenly , cloud like thing known commonly as "bed."  I then spend the rest of the day feeling like I won't accomplish anything today.  I feel sluggish and lazy. Not good! 
Other days my challenge is to just be there for others regardless of what I want to do. This means helping younger siblings make their lunches, read them stories, sing them to sleep, and other big sister tasks which on days that I have a full day of this by the end of the day I feel hectic, tired and just plumb worn out. It also gets to a stage where I lose that hard to acquire virtue : patience. 
My challenge on another day could be just to hold my tongue even when I feel a strong desire to speak.  Very hard to do!  
Or sometimes  my challenge could be just listen to others and be a shoulder to cry and sigh on.
Challenges are God given gifts sent to strengthen us in all we do , they are mini missions  given us from "The Great General And King" to  his  secret agents below.         
I  trust you will all do as I will and embrace the next  "mission" with joy and gladness knowing its a gift from the one who loves us most.



Claretta said...

Wow! Very insightful post and well said. I agree sometimes the simplest thing appear to be the hardest to accomplish.

Autumn said...

Thanks for commenting Claretta. I am glad you liked the post.
~ Autumn