Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Awesomest thing in the whole world

Is Music. When asked what my favorite music genre is I can't answer 'cause I love all kinds!
I am pretty sure my absolute favorite is pop. All my favorite singers are pop singers: Demi Lovato , Taylor Swift, Avril Lavaigne, Kelly Clarkson, this list could probably go on. :D

I also like classical music: Beethoven , Vivialdi, Strauss ! Perfect music to dance to with siblings. And parents if they like to groove out with their kids. ;D
I also like Christian music especially : Newsboys , Sons of Korah , and Casting Crowns.
I also like some heavy metal but not a lot. I like all types of music rap , punk, hip- hop etc. I'll listen to any music as long as it has good lyrics and good music. Music awakens all my entire body, mind and soul, my ears, my heart is fed and nurtured , my mind is soothed , my body moves all over even now as I type listening to Demi Lovato's song "Party" my fingers and feet are dancing. And my head is bobbing to the rhythm.

If someone was to say to me " I hate Music" I would probably tell them they can't the birds make music as does the wind and in fact almost everything has a rhythm and melody if we search for it.
Even your day has a song, a rhythm , a melody search for it and find it I found mine today in schoolwork , chatting with my Mum and siblings , listening to others and in everything!

Find yours NOW!!!!!!!!!!! That's an order soldier! (kidding)   And if you are feeling down turn on that radio and sing and dance!!!! 

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Autumn  xxooxxoo


Vellvin said...

Taylor is the best ☺

iGirl said...

I love Demi Lovato!

Anonymous said...

Haha, me too!
I love Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, some Avril Lavigne (I usually like the songs she does for movies, like "Alice" and "Keep Holding On"). I also love Selena Gomez, and Michael Buble, and Josh Groban, and Enya... and soundtracks! ^_^
~ Mirriam