Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Booyah! I live!!!!

Hello all! Yes, I know its been awhile since I wrote some blog post besides  A Damsels Day Book. But, I have been using this time to re think about:  Why I blog. What do I really want to blog about.  And trying to think how much time I actually need on the computer each day.       Computers are awesome right? And Google.... Well, Google is my friend.  But, I know personally that if I spend to much time in front of a screen I don't do any creative stuff or read much of any good books. And it doesn't do a thing for me. I'm looking to find more balance in my life so I'm going to be seriously trying to find it.  I'll be back once I've finished working out my list of stuff I actually want to blog about.    *blows kisses* Bless you all!

Ta Ta Darlings!

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Gae said...

Dear Autumn,
so what was that list about and how about sharing it. You are right we all need to balance this with life oh and FB too.
Great insight darling
Love Mummy