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Favorite Heroines #1 Anne Shirley prt2

 After trying to remember all this movie I decided to just copy Wikipedia's  review.  We  don't have it on DvD so I couldn't even rewatch it!  Boohoohoo. Maybe I can get it from ...... somewhere . Anyway  here  at long last is part two.

The film resumes the story of Anne Shirley, who at 16 had chosen to study for her college degree by correspondence in order to remain at Green Gables to help an aging Marilla, who has eyesight problems, look after the house and farm.
Anne now holds a Teacher's Licence after completing the two-year post-secondary course at Charlottetown's Queens Academy in only one year.
Gotta love that hair 
Anne begins to teach at Avonlea School and has dreams of becoming a writer, but her story “Averil’s Atonement” is rejected by a magazine. Leaving the post office one day, Anne runs into Gilbert Blythe, who tells her that her best friend Diana is engaged to Fred Wright. Anne is initially bewildered by Diana’s decision, calling it impulsive. Meanwhile, in the last two years, Marilla’s eyesight has greatly improved. Having regained her independence, Marilla encourages Anne to resume her old ambition of attending college.
At the clambake celebrating Fred and Diana’s engagement, Anne and Gilbert wander off to a bridge, where Gilbert proposes. Anne rejects his offer, convinced that their marriage would be unhappy and unsuccessful. She runs off.
At Diana’s wedding, Anne sees Gilbert with a young woman named Christine Stuart. Gilbert tells Anne that he and Christine are just friends, then offers to wait for her if there is any hope of them getting together. Anne rejects him again, and Gilbert suspects that there is someone else, despite Anne's assertion there is no person she cares about more than him.
Anne returns to Green Gables and decides to look into the job her former teacher Miss Muriel Stacey offered her. Eventually, Anne decides to take this job as an English teacher at Kingsport  Ladies’ College in the hope that it will inspire her and give her something to write about.
Every inch a lady/teacher/author 
Initially, Anne finds her new job to be difficult. A member of the local community - and member of the powerful Pringle family - had also tried for Anne’s post and was rejected, causing resentment. However, Anne gradually earns the respect of her students, their families and her colleagues, including the severe Katherine Brooke and the Pringle family. Her dream of being published is also finally achieved after she writes a series of short stories based on Avonlea inspired by a suggestion from Gilbert.
While teaching at the Ladies' College, Anne grows close to one student, Emmeline Harris, and is welcomed by Emmeline's entire family, including her widowed father who also proposes marriage.
I love this part on the movie 
Anne declines his proposal and returns to Green Gables, where she learns that Gilbert is ill with Scarlet Fever Anne finally realizes her true feelings for Gilbert, and goes to visit him. After Gilbert regains his health, he proposes once more, and Anne accepts him with a kiss, declaring, "I don't want sunbursts or marble halls, I just want you."

So there you go (finally part 2)  Part three will be here soon.  Trust me.


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