Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Isn't this fun!

I love doing quiz's. I have done this one before and somehow ( don't ask me I don't know) I always get Anne. Yes!!!!!! I love Anne. Love , Love, Love Anne . Go on try the quiz and tell me who you are.

Which L.M. Montgomery Heroine are You?
Which L.M. Montgomery Heroine are You?



Ophelia said...

Yes, yes, yes I can come on your blog and also comment...finally!
I was Anne as well!!!
When are you going to your post on your idea?
Also with a change of internet have you changed your email? Is that why you haven't been receiving any of mine?
Sorry about all the questions, I thought I would ask them all now in case I can't comment again!
God Bless,

Anna Maria said...

I love doing quiz's as well. I've done this one before and I'm always Kilmeny from Kimeny of the Orchard, this time was no exception.

The Editrix said...

I came up as Emily. :-) It *is* a fun quiz, and I don't think I've come across it before - so thanks, Autumn!

Anonymous said...


I was Jane from Jane of Lantern Hill!

Gae said...

Dearest Autumn,
I was Jane. Is that accurate?
I love quizzes
Lots of Love