Monday, December 7, 2009

I'M WILD ABOUT.......??????

Dickens. Doesn't that name send your spine tingling with anticipation to read a book by the said great author Dickens? I always get a tingly feeling just before I read Dickens . And it doesn't just happen with Dickens any other book or author that is one of my personal favourites does the same. (Almost.)
There is something about Dickens , maybe it's his writing style , maybe just the brilliancy of his stories , or maybe a personal feeling I have of which I don't yet know the meaning.
I like Jane Austen's books but when I have a Dickens I'm reading my poor cousin gets neglected. And in fact in the long run , well,I'M WILD ABOUT DICKENS!!!!!!!! *ducks and dodges the rotten fruit being thrown at her by furious Austen fans*
I'll say it again shall I? I'M WILD ABOUT DICKENS!!!!!
Yours Truly almost died the other week when two younger siblings went to the movies to see the new *drum roll* ..... "CHRISTMAS CAROL"!!!!!!
I'm dying to see this and I must read the book again . And also get some other Dickens books. So, yes Austen is brilliant and I enjoy reading her books and really enjoy them but.
Dickens .What wonders that man wrote!!!
Here are some pictures of the illustrious author of whom I am a very very loyal fan.



Vellvin said...

I know you'll love it Autumn,
Now only Eden needs to do a post.
Are you going to do am post on any of your favorite writers? You could do one about you you know.
Love you.

The Editrix said...

Oh, me too!! I am with you 100%, Autumn. As much as I love Austen - she is my favourite author, after all - there's just something about Dickens! Something so satisfying! I don't know, maybe it's the richness of his plots and characters. After reading a Dickens with an immensely complicated plot and 50+ characters, an Austen novel just seems so simple and *gasp* almost boring by comparison! So, I love both authors, but for different reasons.


Oh - and I am DYING to see A Christmas Carol, too!!! I'll probably have to wait for the DVD, as we don't have a cinema in town right now. . .

Lady Ophelia said...

I know what you mean as well Autumn. Love both of the authors but Dickens, there's just has something about his writing.
I too want to go and see A Christmas Carol, will probably wait till its out on DVD as well.

On a different note Autumn, I replied to your email but I don't know if it went through, I have had some problems with my email and it won't let me see what has been sent. Hope it came through!
God Bless

Monica said...

HI, I'm Monica,

Your mom knows my mom form E-mail lists and stuff like that.

I'm Monica (As I said :-D) I'm 13,
I like books, writing stories(though I rarely finish my books)
,chocolate,babies,and drawing (Though I'm not so good at it)
I live in Michigan USA. I'm also Catholic and Homeschooled
Here's my blog:

I hope we can get to know each other.


Our Cross Stitching Home/Historie/One of God's little Princesses said...

Have you seen the Patrick Stewart adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas
Carol? His is the only interpretation that seems to capture the spirit of the written word. You have a beautiful blog!

Nibs said...

Yay you, join the club! XD Just on this one post I have favorited your blog at mine because great minds really do think alike. ;)

Which is your favorite book so far?