Sunday, December 20, 2009


AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! My shoulder kills! I have just finished practising "The Eye Of The Tiger" with three of my brothers and two of my sisters. altogether the six oldest kids in our house playing music. One brother on the drums, one brother on the bass guitar , one brother playing the melody line on a guitar, and two of my sisters playing on the keyboard. And yours truly playing lead guitar. shall I tell you how much it hurt? Okay! It hurts a lot the shoulder strap shows no mercy to its owner, but seems to be intent on digging through the shirt sleeve on my shoulder, and once it's accomplished that , through my skin ,through the muscle , bone .... *shudders the mental picture is to grisly to think about long*. Any way enough of the moaning. Sorer muscles will heal, and besides what are sore muscles to the joy of having had a very enjoyable time playing the song near perfect with sibling in our loft? Yes the song is going really well and i am enjoying playing lead . And after all that playing I have a Bon Jobi song going through my head!!!! I hope all your music playing/practises are going well . And now I'm going to read book four of "The Obernewtyn Chronicles" . LOVE this series .



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MERRY CHRISMAS, Autumn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its 5 says late. sorry.♥ ♥