Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Brief Narration of My Week.

Alright. Tuesday was my birthday and I thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. On Monday night my family gave me my main present, so as to make sure IT became attached to me and not one of my siblings. It was a puppy, a cute Labrador Kelpie cross. I named her Bonnie. Two days later I took her to the vet to be vaccinated and the vet said she had WORMS!!!!! So I gave her the worm tablet and it was foul!!!! I will not describe it as it was very gross upset me very much and ... well we wont go there .We then discovered she hadn't been weaned properly! So I have to give her watered down milk. Bonnie was fussy the first couple of days but now , thank goodness, she is settling in . I would upload pictures but the computer wont let me but I will as soon as I am able too. I would appreciate prayers that she settles in quick that she sleeps through the night all tonight and becomes toilet trained very quick .
Oh, and prayers that Cupcake our cat will come back as she has been missing for a few days and we haven't a clue where she could be.
I just can't beleive I am 17 . Wow in another year I will be 18 !!!!! I know some of you will think me silly but I honestly thing that I will never and shall never and could never really grow up . I don't see why I cant be a kid the rest of my life and really what makes somone an adult? There age? How mature they are? My granfather has never really grown upand I don't see why I can't be like him . I beleive he has more fun then most adults his age and he is 78!!!!!
Anyway I feel totally random and am very happy.
As I said I will post pictures of Bonnie soon.

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